VJing and Visual projects

Designing, Manufacturing, Rendering, Mapping and VJing content for various events.


Upcomnig and past events

Animations and Music-videos

Directing, Filming, Editing, Pixel-manipulaing motion graphics.

Digital Graphics

Graphical interfaces, Album covers, Shitsez


Composing, Light-directing and Photography.


Sometimes after a few drinks I rap. Usually with Tsorba OG

Lamaskier "On The Wall"

Hi there, You have landed on my website

My name is Bányász Berci, I'm a Freelance Art-Techy guy, a badass visual artist

I studied Architectutre, Product-Design, Film-Photo-Media. I follow the music, mapp surfaces, design scenes, tickle brain and retina. More than 14 years of expreience with a background of festivals, talent shows, il/legal parties, weddings, exhibitions, anything that needs a facelift.

Also part of the bands Tündérground and Beatwándor

For bookings and instant message send a mail to:

If you like my work, you can DONATE if you want.

a.k.a. the seven eyed Arcturian, can create imagery tricks that delight even the most short sighted cyclops in the galaxy, as he is one of the few with the ability to see in several dimensions at once