Voice of Nature festival, 2 editions

2 stages to visually manage: Design, Cut out and Mount the Projection surfaces, then Map and VJ during the festival.

Small Undergound Club Visuals

Here @ UPart I mixed a bunch of layers of visuals

Matthias #572

Four spoken word artists, two visual artists, a DJ and the 572nd annevarsary of the legendary king’s birth.

Random Gig w/ Plus[+]

I'm mapping any surface that needs a facelift

analog building mapping in Timișoara

2 editions of static images projected onto different buildings of Timișoara, one time I won 1st prize.

Caravaggio terminal by András Visky & Robert Woodruff

Designing scenes and footage

Electric Castle & booha college

Multiple collaborations with the Festival and the festivals promo parties Booha College, since the beginning.

Cluj Never Sleeps - Roata de foc

Experimental Audio-Visual-Opera. with Iulia Merca(voice), Mira Gavriş(piano), Andreea Iacob(directing), József Iszlai(electronics), Lamaskier(visual)

Farm house projection maping

Fusion between old and new arts; and a Christmass present for my family.

University Project - Live Talk Show - Sapientia Emte University

Directed by Andor Hegyi, I mapped the Digital Background for the show

Remote visuals for Mic Check Radio

Here I had some gigs: One forty(Grime Time) & Indubitabil shows, Live visuals remotely over the Interweb. #subfeleac