Discontinued Projection Mapping

various animations, by Lamasiker.

TEDx Baia Mare

intro animations for the speakers, by Lamasiker.

glo x EC

advertizing visuals for glo, by Lamasiker.

Newgotti - Orange Mood

Music Video for Newgotti, by Lamasiker.

Isle of Wraps

Logo "motionificaton" by Lamasiker.

Matthias #572

Four spoken word artists, two visual artists, a DJ and the 572nd annevarsary of the legendary king’s birth.

busho workshop

stop motion animation by Lamasiker.

doodle animations

explorations of C4D a few years back.

Visual Footage for "Roata de Foc"

An experinmental audio-viusal opera(see more in "Vjing").

Samyrah - intro credits

Motion Picture by András I. Gábor animation by Lamaskier.

Tiny planet Erdő

Directed, animated by Lamaskier, music: Ice Creamy" by Squeak E. Clean .


Music video animation directed by Lamaskier, music by Halmen Jozsef.

Jazzybirds - Vara de noi

Music video from the bands own handheld lowres footage, edited by Lamaskier.

djrum watermark cover

Directed filmed edited by Lamaskier, Harp: Eckstein Kovács Ráhel.

Nazbrenn music video

Freestyle rap music video: Lamaskier, Csoki, Gyuri, Csenge music by quidbop.


album promo animation for my first band.