VJing and Visual projects

Designing, Manufacturing, Rendering, Mapping and VJing content for various events.

Animations and Music-videos

Directing, Filming, Editing, Pixel-manipulaing motion graphics.

Digital Graphics

Graphical interfaces, Album covers, Shitsez


Composing, Light-directing and Photography.


Sometimes after a few drinks I rap. Usually with Tsorba OG

Lamaskier "On The Wall"

High there! Nice to Sea you. You have landed on my website

My name is Bányász Berci, I'm a Freelance something in an Art-Techy world, a badass vj / visual artist

Who Studied Architectutre in highschool, Product-Design then Film-Photo-Media in university, Fallows music, Mapps Surfaces, Colors the Night, Desingns Scenes, Tickles Brain and Retina, around 11 years of expreience. Nearly a thousand gigs: festivals, talent shows, il/legal parties, weddings, exhibitions, anything that needs a facelift. Officially he has been vj-ing since 2009 and have worked with plenty of well known names.

For Bookings Drop Me a mail to: [email protected]

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